We are committed to holistic environmental protection and a responsible treatment of natural resources. For us, environmental protection includes measures to avoid encumbering the natural environment. Such measures are, among others: recognition and documentation of and compliance with legal stipulations, the proper disposal of waste, sustainable use of the site, logistics and customer solutions as well as the increasing use of digital media.

As a producer of turned parts, we know that only a continual improvement of environmental protection processes puts us in the position of fulfilling our great responsibilities and, not least, of preserving our site in Germany.

For this reason, we forgo water-polluting emulsions and use only water-insoluble cutting oils, which after being used for cutting and filing are separated and re-introduced into the lathe machines.

Filings are separated according to type and disposed of with certified waste-management firms. The interim storage of oils and filings is compliant with legal provisions.

Together with our customers, we have repeatedly switched to returnable packaging and prefer reusable packaging.

In order to protect resources, an Energy Management ist being developed. Here all relevant energy use is systematically examined and potential means of economising are evaluated.