Multi-Spindle Technology

In the field of multi-spindle production, we are principally active in the automobile industry.

Whether ball studs for the light and sensory systems, automatic transmission, connecting pieces for cooling systems, or bolting and fittings for fluid systems, our precision parts are used there every day.

Because of our high economic efficiency and secure processes, we are in demand with customers in the top-class automobile market, an industry that is economically sensitive and quality-conscious, and of course we are approved as an A-class supplier.


Ball studs with, in part, rolling ball-heads and a very fine tolerance, as well as fittings for brake-, fuel-, and hydraulic cables of all kinds are our area of core competency, having proved themselves millions of times.

Diameter from 8-25 mm – Lengths up to 60 mm.
Order amounts: from 100,000 pieces.
Material: automatic steels, tempered steels, stainless materials, aluminium, brass.

Multi-spindle turned parts