Further Processing

For further processing, internal processing possibilities as well as external ones are available to us. From mechanical further processing such as honing, grinding, broaching, rolling, thread-cutting, etc. to the refinement of the parts through thermal processes or galvanic coatings of every kind, and installation work for modules up to qualitatively 100% inspection (internal and external), there is available a large repertoire for further processing, ending with ready-to-fit precision turned parts.

We complete our finishing processes through cooperation with hand-picked external providers. Through a years-long cooperation with our finishers, we have acquired an expertise which can already be ulitised during production development.

This trusted and meshed cooperation has made it possible for us to offer you ready-to-use precision parts, which you can conveniently use in your finishing process.

Thermal processes: Case hardening, tempering, nitrocarburising, inductive hardening, etc.
Surface coating: galvanic coating, burnishing, laminar zinc coating, KTL (cathodic dip-paint coating), varnishing, anodising, electrolytic polishing, hard chrome plating, etc.
Mechanical processes: grinding, honing, broaching, toothing, rolling, thread-rolling, etc.
Testing procedure: optical 100% testing, layer analysis, etc.


In our selection of materials, we also offer comprehensive possibilities.

A wide mesh of suppliers for common materials, as well as numerous possibilites for ordering specialised materials allows us diverse possibilities for choosing materials. Here, too, we will be glad to show you alternatives to save time and money.

Comprehensive Possibilities in the Processing of Materials:

  • Automatic steels
  • Tempered steels
  • Titanium
  • Stainless steels
  • Aluminium, also in special alloys
  • Brass, bronze, copper and German silver (copper-nickel-zinc) alloy
  • Plastics such as Delrin, PEEK, PA (also strengthened by GF), Teflon.