CNC Turned Parts


Turned parts according to customer requirements

In the field of CNC lathe-technology, we produce precision parts on short- and long-stock automatic lathe-machines for the fields of medicine, electric motors, mechanical engineering, hydraulics, sensor technology, printing and automobile industries and many more.

On our modern short- and long-stock automatic lathe-machines with up to 11 spindles, we produce highly complex precision parts such as axles, armature spindles, sensory casings, valve cores, fitting bolts, ventile spindles, eccentric parts, etc. with milling and cross-drill units. For deep-hole drilling, we possess high-pressure systems that are the best for such processes.

  • With a very fine field of tolerance and highest rotundity
  • Transverse processing, rear-face work
  • Up to 11 controlled spindles
  • Complex milling processes
  • Deep-hole drilling
Short- and long turned items
Diameter: from 1.0 mm to 45 mm – lengths up to 1200 mm.
Order amounts: from 500 to 100,000 pieces.
Material: all metallic materials, plastics, Teflon.