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For GMO, precision always means producing exactly to the customer's specifications. To do this, we are capable of producing parts from almost any material, in small, medium, or large lots. A completely automatic production plant, a wide variety of machines, and competent, hand-picked external providers for the refinement of the parts make it possible for us to economically and flexibly supply our customers with ready-to-use precision turned parts.

For highest process reliability and redundancy against failures, for higher flexibility, and for competence in the machine park, we have at our disposal several production facilities, according to the types of machine.

Development, experimental parts, prototypes, pre-series, large series, outlets, and replacement parts: 
Eveything from one provider!

Our manufacturing is geared toward producing small and medium lots on one-spindle and long-stock automatic machines. For orders over 100,000 pieces, our multi-spindle technology makes it possible to ensure precision in large lots at economical prices.

With this concept, we can support our customers from the development of the parts, from prototype and experimental parts, through pre-series parts in a product launch, to the production of a large series. In addition, we continue to support our partners after end-production, with our stored and our spare parts. Thus, you have a competent partner who is available during the complete production process, one who knows your requirements for the function of the parts from the very beginning, and who reliably supplies you with consistent quality –  from beginning to end.


Basically, our production is divided into three core sectors:

CNC turned parts

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Kugelzapfen in allen Formen und Größen

Multi-spindle technology

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Small turned parts

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