For the GMO firm, just as important as the ideas of quality are also the ideas of customer service. After all, we want complete satisfaction for our customers. Our customer service extends from pre-sale through the selection of packaging to the logistics concepts that we support.


  • Pre-sale

  • After-sale

  • Transfer / Outsourcing

  • Packaging selection / Management of containers

  • Logistics concepts



For us, customer service begins already during the development of your items, for which we will be glad to support you from the technical production point of view.


It is a matter of course for us to react with optimisation suggestions, that often encompass slight modifications, after talking to you during the production series. This often means a gain in precision, less production-time per piece, longer tool life and finally less time and money. Part of our after-sales service is our professional reclamation management as well as supplying parts after discontinuation of the product or the switch to spare parts.


Do you need room in your plant? Do you wish to simply concentrate on your core competence?

Does the outsourcing of turned parts seem like a good alternative to keep down costs?

We will gladly take over the production of turned parts in our plant. Step by step – or all at once. We make the offer to first take over some of the turned parts in your repertoire, and later all of them, so you can concentrate on your core competency. Your advantage: you can be supplied with all the turned parts from one competent and reliable provider. Put us to the test!

Packaging Specifications and Container Management

Logistics concepts also belong to our daily repertoire. It is important to us, that our high-quality precision work arrives at your place exactly as it left our plant.

Together with our packaging supplier, we have developed customised packaging, work with our container management with suppliers or directly with your place and deliver them in reclyclable or reusable packaging, as you wish. We develop the packaging specifications with you, so that there is the least amount of effort for your internal logistics.

Logistic Concepts

Consignment warehouse upon a credit note, Kanban, and safety stock in our house are practical options in the area of logistics.

Of course, we also undertake the shipping. From national package services to international sea- and air-freight, we organise the fastest and safest transport of your products.